Credit Cards

Classic Mastercard

Limit up to $5,000

Member should be either Green Card holder or US Citizen
Member's beacon score should be higher than 620
There will be no guarantors on credit cards
Member's current loan(s), if any, should be current and in good standing.
Any loans guaranteed by the applicant must also be current and in good standing.

Interest Rate - Fixed
Current interest rate is fixed at 11.9% APR.

Minimum Payment
Minimum Payment due at the end of each cycle will be 3% or $15 of the balance of the account, whichever is higher.

Fees and Charges
Late Fee: $25.00
Over limit Fee: $0
Annual Fee: $0
Currency Conversion Fee: 1% of Balance
Return Check Fee: $25.00
Cash advance rate will be 18% APR and a fee of 3% of each cash advance ($5.00 minimum or $50.00 maximum) will be assessed.

Classic MasterCard Application

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"APY" refers to Annual Percentage Yield
"APR" refers to Annual Percentage Rate

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