Nizari PFCU Disaster Relief Program

Dear Members,

While the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey continue to affect many in Texas, Nizari PFCU is committed to supporting its membership and the community at large. It is critical in the storm’s aftermath to rebuild what was lost and Nizari PFCU will be your partner in this endeavor. Whether it is reprieve from an existing loan or the sudden cost to restore operations interrupted by the storm, we at Nizari PFCU have a program to assist you.
We are offering the following assistance to our members:

  • Refunding late fees for consumer loans, auto loans, and credit card payments through September 30, 2017.
  • Refunding overdraft and ACH return fees on consumer, business checking, and savings accounts through September 30, 2017.
  • Loan modification or deferment with minimum requirements for qualifying members who are affected by the disaster.
  • Offering emergency loans up to $10,000 at a subsidized rate and easy repayment terms for those affected directly by the event.
  • Guiding members to SBA disaster loans that may be our members' best and most affordable option to fully repair their damaged home and replace personal property.
  • Express SBA loans up to $50,000 are available through the Small Business Administration office. These small SBA loans have quick turnaround times and fewer requirements and may be suited to members that need the financing to make repairs, replace business equipment, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 281-921-8500 or email us at if you need to discuss your options or need other information or assistance. We are committed to helping you overcome the challenges we continue to face as we all rebuild our lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

I will not be able to make my payment on time. Will it affect my credit and/or do I have to pay a late fee?
We will not be reporting anyone for non-payment and will be refunding late fees until September 30, 2017.
What are my options if I cannot make my loan payments?
If you need to make payment arrangements please call us at 281-921-8529 and we will be glad to work with you on your loan modification.
I have sent in a payment by mail or am on Auto Pay or have scheduled a one-time payment by ACH. This payment does not show up on my account. What should I do?
Due to the impact of Hurricane Harvey, there are disruptions in mail and ACH processing. We expect the situation to start returning to normal and payments to start processing and showing up on your accounts very soon. Please do not make another payment.  If you do not see the payment show up on your account by Friday, September 8th, please call us at 281-921-8500.

My business has been impacted and I need an Emergency loan. What are my options?
We are offering Emergency loans up to $10,000 to assist our members who need small amounts. We can also guide you to apply for SBA loans which are more affordable and have less requirements.
My car has been damaged and I need a new car. What are my options?
We have great rates on our Auto loans and the process is easy and quick. Please call us at 281-921-8500 for more information.

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