Nizari Money Service Business (MSB) Checking Account

MSB or Check cashing account is an account that you can open at Nizari and deposit third party checks. Monthly fees start at $150 and per check fee of $0.15 applies for each third party check deposited.There is also a withdrawal fee of 0.12% on all withdrawals originating from MSB account. (All withdrawals including Cash, ACHs, Checks, Transfers, and member initiated debits)

Nizari’s Money Service Business (check cashing) Account comes with the following features:

  • $2,000 minimum balance required
  • Maximum amount of per check face amount accepted for deposit depends on the risk score we assign your business*
  • Share Certificate required based on our analysis of your account. Additional share certificate is required if you cash IRS checks and deposit them at Nizari PFCU
  • Up to 80% of your total check deposit amount is available immediately in most cases 
  • Remote Deposit Capture services through Check Logic
  • Cash delivery directly through Loomis**
  • Free Online Banking with text message and email alerts 
  • Free Unlimited Currency Deposits
  • Unlimited Check transactions
  • Unlimited Teller transactions
  • Free Night Drop facility


*Based on the safety and soundness of your policies & procedures, your business's Independent Review reports, and our assessment of your business practices

**Independent Contract with Loomis required

***All other Money Service Business Account (MSB) fees apply. (Click Here)

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"APY" refers to Annual Percentage Yield
"APR" refers to Annual Percentage Rate

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